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"I was skeptical to deal with a recruiter because I've spoken with some in the past that didn't understand my needs which caused me to look on my own but Luke did a good job of listening and delivering."

- Software Developer, Grand Rapids, MI

"Hunter and The Judson Group were far and away better than any other recruiter I've worked with. They really do their homework to help align your career goals with potential job opportunities. They also really hone in on the interview prep and help you be your best in the interview."

- Wealth Associate, Chicago, IL

"I wouldn't have changed anything about my experience with Jai or The Judson Group. Jai took the time to really get to know me, my experience and my goals and not only found opportunities that aligned perfectly with them, but also took the time to help with the whole process. The process of interviewing was stress free because I always knew what to expect and what steps were next. I'm thoroughly excited about this next chapter with a company that is such a great fit!"

- Client Service Associate, Atlanta, GA

"Luke was extremely professional and maintained transparency throughout the process. The process was near perfect."

- Web Developer, Grand Rapids, MI

"I was very pleased with the process and the results. Having worked with The Judson Group on a prior opportunity, I was familiar with the high-caliber service that they provide. The entire staff was professional, prompt and guided me through the placement process with great care."

- Vice President, Commercial Loan Officer, Grand Rapids, MI

"No improvements needed. All three professional gentlemen treated me very well during my entire process with them. I had a chance to interact with Andrew Humitz, Duncan White and Hunter Jr., and was very impressed with their demeanor. I am eager to refer other candidates to the Judson Group."

- Client Service Associate, Chicago, IL

"Our new hire is a great addition and Jai has been great to work with. Thanks!"

- Co-CEO, Wealth Management Executive, Plano, TX

"I was initially skeptical, but they really laid everything out and were honest about everything. I think the honesty portion was what really kept me in. They really helped with getting to the nuts and bolts of things when I only gave overall views. They provided documentation on necessities, especially ones where I knew my weaknesses were. As I stated before, they were honest about every little detail; from my part, to the employers, to their job."

- Developer, Lansing, MI

"Thank you, Hunter, for your persistence and professionalism in joining me with the bank.  I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you over the past three months and I'm very excited about beginning my journey with the new bank."

- Mortgage Operation Manager, Grand Rapids, MI

"Hunter Jr. was friendly, professional, and highly accessible, prepared me well for my interviews, and offered honest, meaningful and useful feedback at every step of the interview proces."

- Manager Selection Analyst, Chicago, IL

"Jai was very professional and great throughout the process."

- Wealth Management Associate, Atlanta, GA

"Jai definitely did his homework and we appreciate it.  He is very good at what he does and The Judson Group is fortunate to have him."

- HR Manager, Atlanta GA

"I was very impressed! Jai was very helpful throughout the entire process. He conducted himself in a professional manner. It has been a pleasure and a blessing to have worked with Jai."

- Associate Financial Planner, Atlanta, GA

"Hunter Jr. was very easy to work with and I felt that he definitely had my best interests in mind throughout the entire process. He followed up with me quickly which I really appreciated and gave me great advice that I will keep with me for a while."

- Trust Relationship Officer, Kalamazoo, MI

"Hunter Jr. from start to finish was professional and extremely attentive. I believe he did a great job and would recommend him."

- VP, Middle Market Commercial Banking, Chicago, IL

"Please do not change a thing. Jai was extremely helpful in all aspects of the recruiting and interview process. He presented opportunities that were extremely well-aligned with my career aspirations. Jai took the time to figure out my experience level and presented realistic opportunities that would advance my career according to my personal and professional goals. The best part about Jai is that he never gave up on finding the right opportunity for me. Even when the first few opportunities were not the right fit, he continued to search and present new opportunities. Jai and I worked together for several months before we found the perfect fit. During that time, Jai was very responsive to questions and it never took Jai more than 24 hours to return my calls. During the interview process with firms, Jai ensured that I was well prepared to face any situation or question. Jai takes the time to individually build a relationship with each one of his prospects, and I firmly believe that Jai and I will continue to have a friendship even though I have successfully found my new position. Jai is dependable, honest, realistic, and friendly and is it obvious he wants to see his prospects succeed. I would highly recommend Jai to anyone who is looking to advance their career in the Wealth Management industry."

- Planning Associate, Atlanta, GA

"Luke and Paul both took the time to understand my needs and were able to effectively communicate to the business. Because they pay attention to detail and care, they were able to place me in the first opportunity that came around. I appreciate their accuracy to save time and run around. They seemed to care more about my interest versus just making the sale. I am recommending your firm solely on Paul's and Luke's performance. I believe these individuals have what it takes to find, coach and place individuals in the right roles."

- Senior Business Systems Specialist, Grand Rapids, MI

"Hunter is wonderful to work with. I always looked forward to speaking with him. He definitely knows his business and is a joy to work with."

- SVP, National Healthcare Banking

"Jai was very professional and friendly from the start. He called me within minutes of applying on LinkedIn and we had a great first conversation. He was very mindful of everything I talked about wanting and looking for in a new position throughout the whole process. I applied for a posting on LinkedIn, but had it not been the right fit for me I know he would have passed along opportunities that fit what I was looking for. Jai was an incredible help throughout the whole process. He made sure I was prepared, had all of my questions answered and provided great support when needed. I have tried to work with recruiters in the past and each experience had been pretty terrible, but Jai was incredible to work with. At no point in the process did I feel he wasn't being completely honest with me. Jai was an absolute pleasure to work with on finding a new position and he helped me get my dream job. I would recommend him to anyone."

- Operations Associate, Oklahoma City, OK

"Paul was wonderful.  He kept in constant contact with me throughout the entire process."

- IT Help Desk, Grand Rapids, MI

"Excellent. Hunter and Andrew provided excellent insight and feedback from start to finish. Thanks Judson Group! I’ll recommend you to anyone."

- Client Relationship Manager, Indianapolis, IN

"Hunter Jr. really kept me optimistic while setting realistic expectations throughout the process, he seemed to really understand what I was looking for, which made things very easy.  Hunter really took time to understand what I wanted in my next opportunity, and from there, he quickly identified a few very good options. Hunter brought me two great opportunities relatively quickly, and both were what I was looking for in a career move. Hunter was very helpful and supportive throughout the whole process - he kept me excited about the opportunities and was there for me when I needed him for coaching around the offer and resignation process. Hunter exceeded my expectations on all fronts and really took the time to understand what I was looking for, and delivered multiple solutions." 

- SVP, Senior Private Banker, $22 Billion Bank & Trust Company

"Hunter is very professional, has excellent follow-up skills and made me feel like he was doing all he could to guide me through the interview process."

- Consumer Lending Production Manager, Lansing, MI

"Paul  urged me to mail follow-up letters after the interview and provided me with correct spellings of names and with addresses. Since being hired my new supervisor and the Senior LAN Admin both came to me and said that they appreciated the follow-up letters.  Paul also helped me prepare the appropriate plan for resignation. He follows through with what he says, follows-up regularly and timely, and listens well -- he's an approachable person."

- Network Administrator, Grand Rapids, MI

"Paul made a good effort to understand what my needs were and was not shy about asking, which is good.  Paul always asked me what it was I wanted to do, not taking anything for granted.  He was able to provide a lot of information and always did what was right. He was very helpful and attentive to my needs.  I trusted his recommendations."

- Business Systems Analyst Developer, Grand Rapids, MI

"Hunter was a valued partner through the entire process."

- Vice President, Commercial Credit, Cleveland, OH

"Hunter was very professional, thorough and committed throughout the process.  He always followed up as promised and was an integral part of my job placement."

- VP - Relationship Manager, Youngstown, OH

"We are quite pleased with person Paul found for us."

- IT Manager, Kalamazoo, MI

"Paul has more than exceeded my expectations and I appreciate his professionalism as well as his interest in my family's well being."

- Application Developer, Grand Rapids, MI

"Hunter is a trusted partner.  He completed a thorough Manager Consultation with the hiring manager and had a very clear understanding of the skill-set the hiring manager was looking for... not only the requirements but the interview process, hiring process and salary expectations.  He presented the best and most qualified candidates.  Hunter has a good grasp of the skill-sets needed in today's financial industries.  I have worked with Hunter for the last seven years.  Each time I work with him its refreshing and a joy."

- Vice President of Recruitment, Detroit, MI

"Hunter helped me see things more clearly and broader than I was looking at issues sometimes. This is a stressful process and Hunter helped make it comfortable, enjoyable and ultimately, very rewarding as he meet my very specific career needs. I  appreciated that he only discussed relative opportunities to my desired needs. Not only has Hunter become a good friend and confident, he also fulfilled my personal goal of geographically relocating back with family and friends, while not have to compromise my career aspirations and goals!"

- Vice President, Cincinnati, OH

“Paul was very professional.”

- Director of IT, St. Joseph, MI

"Hunter handled all of the communication between the bank and the candidate and did his best to keep both parties up to date with what was going on. He adjusted to our bank's "unique" way of dealing with candidates and was very understanding and patient while waiting for the bank to make a decision on the candidate he had presented.  I greatly appreciated the updates and the communication that he displayed with me as well as with the bank. Overall, Hunter was excellent."

- Sr. HR Generalist, Lansing, MI

"Hunter and I discussed the candidate and the job position at length. We identified the primary candidate a year or so prior.  Overall, Hunter's performance was very good...good guidance and prepared the candidate well for the Bank. I would recommend The Judson Group and Hunter to others, and I have frequently in the past."

- Senior Vice President, Cincinnati, OH

"Excellent... Hunter made me feel as if I was his only client.  He kept me informed throughout the entire process.  I would recommend The Judson Group to anyone seeking employment."

- Quality Control Underwriter, Ionia MI

"Paul and Luke provided amazing support - I couldn't have asked for better!"

- HR Manager, Grandville, MI

"I enjoyed working with Paul and highly appreciated his "right to the point" conversations.  He handles himself well and respected my busy schedule.  It was a pleasure."

- Director of Information Technology, St. Joseph, MI

"We had a tough position to fill and Hunter was amazing through the process.  We were trying to fill this position during the holiday season, so schedules were difficult to work with.  But in the end, we received a fantastic candidate from him.  The candidate exceeds the requirements we asked for, and more importantly, fit our culture perfectly!"

- Regional Recruiter, Ionia MI

"Luke was wonderful.  He kept in constant contact with me throughout the entire process."

- IT Help Desk, Grand Rapids, MI

"Paul gave me superb service and was able to glean information that I may not have always provided.  He was very helpful and attentive to my needs.  I trusted his recommendations."

- Business Systems Analyst Developer, Grand Rapids, MI

"This is the 2nd hire we have made from the Judson Group. Hunter is always quick to respond. His background in our industry is helpful. His background is helpful. His questions at the beginning of the search were well thought out as he tried to understand what we were looking for. I think he "gets us". The fit and the personality are equally as important to us and he understands that."

- HR Director, Cincinnati, OH

"I enjoyed my experience and will consider working with Paul in the future. He was a strong business partner who stayed on top of business throughout the process."

- Talent Acquisition Specialist, Holland, MI

"I was very impressed with Hunter's wisdom, advocacy, and frequency of contact. He made a genuine difference."

- Call Center Manager, Grand Rapids, MI

Paul went out of his way to understand the requirements for the position and the environment at our organization. I trust Paul, he conducted himself in an ethical and honest manner.  I would recommend Paul, he's awesome!

- Lead Developer, Grand Rapids, M I

"Paul and Luke are good listeners. They made every effort to give my needs a priority. This is the third time in five years that I've worked with Paul, and the second time in three years that I've had the pleasure of working with Luke. I am always nothing but impressed with what they do."

- Software Engineer, Grand Rapids, MI

"We had a great experience with Jai and your firm and are very happy with our new hire. Jai brought us qualified candidates very quickly. We had been working with another recruiter for a few weeks, but hadn’t received any candidates we wanted to interview, and that’s when we contacted Jai since he had called on us before. I know a colleague of mine has also started to work with Jai on another search so that’s a testament to our experience thus far."

- Director, Relationship Manager, CFP, Atlanta, GA

"My recruiting experiences with Hunter Jr have been extremely good. He always responds on a timely basis, provides good applicant flow, and acts as a "partner", not a vendor throughout the process."

- Chief Talent Officer, Indianapolis, IN

"Jai was outstanding. He worked with me and my hectic schedule to get me a great job. He is the best"

- Client Service & Trust Associate, Atlanta, GA