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Judson Group finishes a house

On a steamy Friday in August, the entire  Judson Group team put down their phones and picked up hammers, rakes, and shovels to help finish a Habitat for Humanity Home in Grand Rapids.  All 20 members of our staff reported at 8:00 a.m. to find a home nearly complete, but in need of some serious landscaping to finish the front and rear lawns.  The group split into small teams and built retaining walls, moved a lot of dirt, planted various trees and shrubs, mulched and laid sod.

Working in a different environment allowed new talents to shine through.  "You really get to know someone when you're building a wall with them,  a whole new side of someone you may have known for years" commented Paul Pennington, Judson Group Account Executive.  People in traditionally non-leadership roles in the office, were given the opportunity to take charge of projects on the job site.  “We found some real leadership talent we didn’t know we had before, and the senior staff took direction from less-tenured team members for a change” said Hunter Judson, President of Judson Group.

“The Habitat for Humanity organization was extremely easy to work with,” noted Deb Stetler, Operations Manager.  “They worked with our schedule and found a project where we could both make a good contribution and have a lot of fun.  We’re already looking forward to next year.”

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