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Who's Managing Your Career?

With summer in full swing, everyone is planning something, whether it’s a vacation, a weekend at the beach or a round of golf.  Those precious days of summer slip by far too quickly and everyone is planning carefully to get the most out of each of them.Career Path Plan

The same could be said of the next several years of your career.  Without proper planning, those years can slip by too quickly and the things you set out to accomplish could remain on your to-do list.  Managing your career requires careful planning to ensure you achieve the goals you set for yourself.  The following are a few questions to ask yourself that can help you strategize where you want to go with your career.

First, identify what’s working and what isn’t in your current position.  What do you like most about what you do now?  What do you like least?  What changes would you make to your current situation that would improve it?  The answers to these questions provide the foundation from which you’ll build your career plan moving forward.

Second, focus on the goals you will set for yourself and what steps are required to get there. What are your short-term goals for your career?  What do you want to achieve within the next two years?  You may identify a promotion or a new role into which you’d like to move.  What will it take to get that promotion?  Perhaps you’ll need additional education or a certification to get you to that next step.

A similar approach should be taken with your intermediate and longer term goals. What do you plan to accomplish in the next three to five years?  Longer term, where do you want your career to be in five, ten, fifteen or more years?  What needs to happen to make these goals a reality in the targeted time-frame?  Can the work you’re doing with your current organization take you where you want to go?  Who might champion your development?  Does your department and organization provide the upward mobility you need to achieve your goals?  If not, when is the right time to consider a change?

You can wait to let your employer determine your career path, or you can take control of your own destiny.  To ensure you make the right career moves, take time to consider what you want to achieve and what it will take to get there.

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