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Each new year, people nationwide resolve to make some sort of improvement in their lives. Anyone who visits a health club or gym in January sees the crowds of people who have made their personal health a focus for the coming year. Among the most popular resolutions: improve health, improve finances, improve education and improve career.

Career improvement has become a higher priority for many following another tough economic year. Recent survey results suggest that employee discontent is at an all time high. Throughout 2009 and 2010 most professionals were focused on keeping their jobs, now they’re looking at what else is out there. “It was a real challenge to start a conversation about making a career change with people who were already working,” said Jeremy Anderson, Southwest Banking Practice Director with The Judson Group. “There seems to have been a shift in recent months, with more people interested in hearing about new opportunities outside their current employer.”

The challenge for managers in the coming months will be to maintain the level of talent on their teams. “We’re talking with our clients about both their retention strategies and their contingency plans should some of their top talent leave,” noted Hunter Judson, President of The Judson Group. “It’s more important than ever for managers to proactively work to retain their top players, before they find themselves in a counteroffer bidding war.”

Similarly, employees who are now considering making a change should develop a strategy for finding an opportunity that will provide the improvements they seek. “When I talk with a candidate interested in making a career change, we speak at length about the types of changes they want from a new opportunity,” said Chris Wissman, IT Recruiter with The Judson Group. “The most common drivers for wanting a change are those that address personal and professional goals. Financial goals are important, but typically secondary.”

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