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Day of Service 2010

Habitat for Humanity

For the third year running, The Judson Group
team volunteered for a day of service with
Habitat for Humanity.   The day contributes to
our already strong team atmosphere and is a
great way to give back to the Grand Rapids community.  In previous years, the group spent
the day working on roofing, siding and landscaping projects on homes that were well under way,
or nearly complete.

This year, the group arrived to find the historic district home stripped to slat walls and the foundation.  The home is targeted for LEED certification which means that a building project meets the highest green building and performance measures.  The goal is for the home to be
extremely efficient for the new owner to maintain
and operate. 

“We had to find creative ways to insulate the home to both maintain the historic neighborhood integrity and to meet the LEED requirements for efficiency,” said Deb Stetler.  Much of the day’s work involved 
deconstruction and preparing the walls for insulation,
working side-by-side with the future owner.

“I’m always exhausted after a day on a Habitat site,”
commented Dave Mason, “But it is incredibly
rewarding to see what we can accomplish and
to know how much it will benefit the family.”   

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