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Today, unprecedented changes are transforming virtually every aspect of how people work and how companies hire. The objective of The Judson Group is to continually exceed our clients' expectations. We believe that our knowledge of your industry is the best guarantee of success. Our search consultants have a reputation as industry experts. Interacting in their marketplaces on a daily basis, they can locate, qualify, and recommend exceptional candidates. We will constantly strive to provide a total quality commitment to ensure your company's staffing needs are properly met. We expect our client's confidence in our abilities to result from the integrity and effort we put forth toward their staffing success. Our goal is to build long-term positive relationships that will be enjoyable and financially beneficial for our client companies.

Whether you are a candidate looking for your next career move or an employer needing to expand or enhance your work force, we can help! E-mail us at or call us at (616) 336-8484.